School Fees
  • Click here to see the TUITION LIST!
  • The tuition is to be paid on a payment plan (every 4 months), or in full. However, for families experiencing financial difficulties, the school will grant monthly payments on a case by case basis.
  • Daily extended childcare to 6:00 pm is offered to all students free of charge. For more details, please see the extended childcare link.

  • The application process for our school starts approximately a year in advance.
  • Please find below important dates, timelines and procedures.

Application Timing
  • PRESCHOOL: The child must be 1 year or older and can walk on their own by August 31 of the year that they plan to enter Preschool.
  • KINDERGARTEN: The child must be 3 years old by August 31, and fully toilet trained.
  • Applications for the 2018-2019 school year can be submitted starting February 2018.
  • The application deadline for April is February 2018.
  • The application deadline for September is July 2018.
  • If you have missed the above deadlines, please call or email us for availability.

Required Supporting Documents
  • Report Cards from the past 2 full school years.
  • Confidential Student Reference Form sent directly from the applicant's most recent teacher.
  • Applicant's copy of birth certificate or passport.
  • A family photo.
  • Student Physical Examination Form.
  • Registration fee of 200,000 JPY (Tax is to be added).

Downloadable Enrollment Forms